Friday, 17 March 2017


Today I am going to be talking about my trip to Polyfest.  My trip to Polyfest was so cool but the worst part was when we were sitting in the sun it felt like I was melting and burning.  We then had to split into groups of 6, 7 or 8 people.

1st highlight
My first highlight was going to the digital poi station with my group.  When we arrived to the Digital poi truck we all made a line inside of the truck.  What we had to do was to wave around a digital stick and when you wave around you can see it says ASB Polyfest.

2nd highlight
My Second highlight was going sitting outside of the Police van. We had a little safety talk with the policeman and they were telling us about the bad things we shouldn’t do in our life. They called up some volunteers to be the good cop and another person that would be the bad guy and we were with another group of student from another school.

3rd Polyfest importance to students etc
My lucky last highlight was going around to the food stalls and buying stuff. I reckon that my group was the best because our teacher was Mazel and he bought our group a milkshake each.  After that we walked around to different store and bought some donuts the donuts were so nice!  Furthermore we went to the Diversity  stage and it was fun watching their performance!
That was the best day of my life!!! It was so fun we then walked around the food stalls and looked for activities with prizes. We first went to the ASB Rugby Ball Chuck. There was three holes and what we had to do was to try and get the rugby ball into the hole. It was finally my turn to chuck the I chucked the ball but I had bad luck and I didn’t get it in. It was time to go back to school, when we reached our final destination.  When we got out of the bus I really wanted to sleep.

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  1. Hi Ana, I liked how you called your title Polylicious because it was different to what somebody else would call their piece of writing. I think your punctuation was okay but if you re-edited your work your highlights would make more sense.