Saturday, 29 October 2016


Walt: reflect on where we are at in maths, and where we need more support.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My Narrative Writing

It was 1999 in New Zealand 19th December, when Sandy decided to go on a trip with her friends. They were all planning of where they would go on there trip. Jack and Chris asked if they could all go to an abandoned house. Sandy, Emily and Amanda thought that it was creepy but the boys thought it would be super cool and fun. So the girls decided to go on December 20th.

They were now at the airport getting ready to leave. They were all so excited because they were flying all the way to America. They got finally got to america airport but first they called a Taxi so they can book a room in the 5 star hotel. They reached to there hotel and they were freshened up by the cold breezing air. They all ran inside the hotel and had a fresh shower then they started their journey.
They started their journey in Texas. They saw this abandoned house so they went for it! But They haven't heard of the old Phantom story of BEHIND THE DOORS.

They started walking around the house checking it out but they didn't care about anything so they just barged through the doors making a cracking sound and they got there detective searching machines and there torches because it was really dark. But the only thing was that when three people walks out then it automatically locks down the house!
So when the three girls walked out the doors just made a big shut sound. So Chris and Jack were locked inside the hotel doors and no longer to be seen. Because they were BEHIND THE DOORS!!!