Monday, 27 June 2016

My Comic Animation

Ana Leisi Comic Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This Term our topic is As I See It and we had to create a animation.
Our animation was about how wonder woman saves the day from a flying comet.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Real Life Heroes

There were two men and there names were John Rend-all and Ace Berg. It was 1969 since they walked past a shop that sells pets so they went inside and took a look. They saw a lion cub and so they thought it would be better to take it and raise it up themselves. They lived on a paddock, they would always take it out to play with the lion would have fun playing with them.

When they play with it the lion would chase John and Ace around the paddock having fun. They thought it would be better to take it to South Africa. When they sent it South Africa they wanted to let it free. It was finally the time for them to go and visit Christian the Lion. When they flew there they went to the zoo and they saw Christian. They walked up slowly wanting Christian to remember them. They walked closer until one minute they realized that Christian the lion still remembers them so Christian the lion jumps up to John and Ace giving them a hug with an unexpected lick to there face. John and Ace were really happy to see Christian the lion.
WALT:explain why someone may be considered a hero in real life.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Avengers Assemble

There once was a group called The Avengers and The Villains. Every team would always complain and say bad words about the other team. Some people would get angry from what the other team says and some people will try to fight them. Later on that day joker goes to his villain team and tells them that the avengers wanted to battle. So the villain team got angry at the avengers. The villain team got ready for the battle. So joker went over to iron man and told him to give this note to captain america. The avengers got ready to battle too! But there was still something wrong captain america wanted to have a chat with his team so they did. He asked them why they are having the battle so iron man gave him the not. On the note it said hahahaha got you I joker tricked because I just wanted to battle you guys because I know that we will beat you.

They went to the battlegrounds in the stadium and met with the villains. Joker appears out of nowhere with a great big smile. Joker said with a angry tone to his voice Nice to meet you losing team. Then a minute later the rest of the team appeared. They finally started to battle. There goes Iron man flying up to Green goblin giving him a great big punch. It sounded like KAPOW POW BOOM SMACK!
Everyone cheered for iron man saying yeah iron you got this use your powers so he grabbed out his gun and said to green goblin “say goodbye missy pie!” Green goblin looked at iron man and all he could see was three bullets flying to his face so he tries to duck but it was to late he was found lying on the ground.

The next people fight and that was hulk and venom but there was a problem hulk said no! I am not going to fight venom alone. So there goes a big scream from hulk's voice saying
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. So the whole team just jumps into the fight and all you see was dust going round and round.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Narrative Paragraphs

Lina’s heart was racing as she saw a few soldiers following her so she jumps into the river and finds out that the water is super cold. It was 1733 since the tribe laid off to their site. It was linda's turn to fight she really hated mina from the other tribe. Sometimes when each tribe walk past each other Lina and mina would stare at each other. Lina would give mina a ferocious look making you want to go and stay in your room forever. When lina gives her that look she tells her dad the head of their tribe that lina keeps giving her that ferocious look. Later on that day her dad went and visited the other tribe which is called the Mighty Tribe. He went to their camping site and spoke to lina’s father and said that lina always scares her with her ferocious face.
Lina’s dad told mina’s dad that lina would do nothing like that. So lina’s dad had a talk with her. Lina got so angry and went for a little walk. When lina’s angry she would always have a little walk to the beach to calm her head. She would look at the calm blue water and she then look at the blue skies. So she went back to her village palm trees could be seen from the village and people loved that point of view. Lina really loved her village and everyone in it. She had long black hair, brown eyes and always wore her feather cloak. She was the chief’s daughter.
One day as Lina walked down to the beach she was stopped by Mina. “What do you want?” “Nothing!” replied Mina with an angry tone to her voice. “Just because you are the chief’s daughter, it doesn’t mean we have to be kind to you! Said mina. Mina said that in her tribe people always say that they do not want to be kind to her they want to be bad to her. There chief overheard what they were saying but their chief said that they can not be mean. But they didn’t listen to there chief.
Lina’s heart raced as she saw warriors from another tribe approach her. Mina planned to let the other tribe kidnap Lina! Lina ran as fast as she could trying to defend herself but they caught her. So they put a bag over her head and she couldn’t breath so she fainted. A few minutes later she then woke up and she tried to look around but it was Pitch black. She could hardly see anything. They finally took the bag of her head. She had time to breath, so mina and a few of her tribe friends were asking her why her that is putting her in charge? Lina said “No your dad did not put me in charge! Said lina. Mina then got super angry. She walked by herself to her village. She reached her destination so she went to her dad and yelled at him and she didn’t talk to him for almost a week.
When lina was in the cell she heard someone walking in so she quickly puts herself back to normal. The person who came in was mina. She came in to cut the ropes on lina’s hand. Mina was so sad and she apologized to lina and mina told lina that it was a big mistake. Lina was so happy to be released so she ran home jumping up and down. So she stood outside of the village and her dad ran up to her and hugged her. Lina’s dad said that he really missed her.

Friday, 10 June 2016

40 Hour Famine

Image result for 40 hour famine sign 2016

This term I am taking part of the 40 Hour Famine but we are doing 20 hours because 40 hours is too long but anyways we are doing the 20 hour famine to collect money and send it to Syria so the kids can have a better education and to make their dreams come true. 

I am in team Green and that is Adam and Eve's team. There are more teams and they are Red which are Kim and Shannon and the Yellow team which is Marty and Steph and the other team is Blue which is  Grace Jayden and Reuben. 

The things you do in the 20 hour famine is play around, go without food and you sometimes perform for a dance battle. In the hall we did a dance battle for each team and the team who won was my team, we were so happy we jumped around screaming yeah.

Image result for 40 hour famine teams 2016Image result for 40 hour famine teams 2016Image result for 40 hour famine teams 2016Image result for 40 hour famine teams 2016
These are all the teams

Archibald Baxter

Archibald Baxter
Image result for Archibald baxter

Archibald Baxter was one of the people that objected to join the  army . Archibald Baxter would be tortured  and he would have to be tied to a pole outside where it snows and there would be  blood running down his hands slowly and his hands were purple he was cold and was shivering but he had the courage to say no. He was known as a conscientious objector and he was proud of himself.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

My Setting Description

Today at Extension we had to write a sentence or a paragraph about the
City and Africa and also a Forest.