Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Real Life Heroes

There were two men and there names were John Rend-all and Ace Berg. It was 1969 since they walked past a shop that sells pets so they went inside and took a look. They saw a lion cub and so they thought it would be better to take it and raise it up themselves. They lived on a paddock, they would always take it out to play with the lion would have fun playing with them.

When they play with it the lion would chase John and Ace around the paddock having fun. They thought it would be better to take it to South Africa. When they sent it South Africa they wanted to let it free. It was finally the time for them to go and visit Christian the Lion. When they flew there they went to the zoo and they saw Christian. They walked up slowly wanting Christian to remember them. They walked closer until one minute they realized that Christian the lion still remembers them so Christian the lion jumps up to John and Ace giving them a hug with an unexpected lick to there face. John and Ace were really happy to see Christian the lion.
WALT:explain why someone may be considered a hero in real life.

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