Friday, 6 July 2018

Welcome Back

Dear Mrs Tele’a,

My name is Ana Leisi and I am a Year 8 student at Pt England School. My ethnicity is tongan and I am the middle child of three in my family. In my spare time I like to spend time with Friends and Family.
My favourite sports are Rugby, Tag, Touch and also Softball.

This year will be my last year attending Pt England School. My favourite subjects are Reading, Writing and Maths. Right now I am currently looking at going to Tamaki College. I don’t know what other college fits me best. During my work time I don’t like getting distracted and I also don’t like it when I don’t finish my work.

Other then that I hope that as the year goes on you enjoy your time being a teacher in Room 3 and one of our leaders in Team 5. I hope that your class and your students treat you good and I hope you have a fun time in Room 3 for the next two terms.


Yours Sincerely,
Ana Leisi

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Holes - The last chapter

WALT:  Summarising - I make effective notes and condense ideas to summarise
For this weeks activity we got to do the last chapter of Holes. At the end it was interesting to find out who left Camp Green Lake and who stayed. It was also interesting to find out what the warden and her assistants were actually trying to find. My overall thoughts on the book were that they should make a Part 2 and that the movie and the book was fun to read/watch. I suggest that others should read this book to experience all the ups and downs in the book.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Recount On Camp

On the 23rd of May we had our Year 8 Leadership Camp.
For our camp we went down to Kauaeranga. It took us a long time to get there.
Most of our team were sleeping and some of us were just looking at how
beautiful the place was. We got to see a lot of animals and we saw a lot of
farms. As soon as we got there we were shocked on how small it was, some
of us were expecting it to be bigger but it was smaller than we thought.

We hopped out of the bus then we had to go inside the kitchen.
We all had our own table that had our team names on it I thought it was quite
cool and creative. We had to sing one waiata. Then they had the the owners
of the camp come and also the staff. They all introduced themselves. Most of
them were quite humorous when they were introducing themselves. We then
had to have morning tea but it was from our own lunch.

We then got the time to go and check out our cabins. I was so excited to see it.
All of us were shocked to see how much room we had but anyways we
managed to make space for our bags.

Leaving Camp was going to be hard because I had a lot of fun memories
with my friends and also playing the activities. My overall thoughts on camp
is that it made me feel like a leader and that it made me step out of my
comfort zone.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Inquiry Post - EXPO


Team five decided to do an EXPO to show to Pt England School.
The reason why is because we needed to teach the younger
students about Force and Motion. Teaching makes you
a better learner.

Our group had more than two ideas, our first idea was
to do a catapult, another idea we had in mind was to do an
egg in the water experiment.

For our project we wanted to do the egg in the water
experiment. The reason why we wanted to do this experiment
was because it looked fun, and we wanted to test it out, and that
it concludes Force & Motion.

Our group failed because we didn’t have the equipment.
But we really wanted to do the EXPO with the other Yr
7 & 8 so hopefully we can do it next time.

When we have another EXPO our group should have
the right equipment, and to be ready to present what
we have learned to the Pt England Students.

Three Laws Of Motion

For this term our topic is, I like to move it. Behind our topic is that we are doing research and learning about Force and Motion. We chose to research and learn more about the Three Laws of Motion. In this presentation shows you all of our research and learning about Force and Motion.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Compound Sentences

For this weeks activity we are doing Compound Sentences. We are learning to use conjunctions but, and so. WALT: to use conjunctions to form complex sentences

Monday, 30 April 2018

Maths Reflection

Myztique : So in maths class we had to get in groups of four then our teacher handed out a piece of paper with numbers that lead up to 100, and we had to go one by one and circle each number from one to one hundred. we also took turns circling the number by using a colour pen, we only had three minutes to complete the task. My group was Bryana, Anna, Ana.l and myself.

Anna : Today in maths class we had to get into a group of four and get a piece of paper that has 100 numbers on it. We had three minutes to circle the number from 1 to 100 and had to take turns circling it. In my group I had: Myztique, Bryana, Ana L, and myself when we first tried we only went up to about 40 - 50 then the second time we tried we were the first group to finish which was a great accomplishment. Then we had to get into another group and on that round I was with Adrienne, Faioso, Tevarihi, and myself and on that round we were second to finish.

Bryana : This afternoon we went to our maths class and the first thing we did was our teacher put us into four groups and then she handed out a piece of paper that has 100 numbers on it we only had 3 minutes to complete the task, we had to circle the number with a coloured felt and we took turns circling the number.

Ana.L : In maths we got into groups of four or three and obviously you can see who was in our group. In my group we got to a point where we knew where all the numbers were and we got even quieter as we were finding the numbers. We had to take turns circling the number up to One hundred in three minutes. My overall experience playing was fun. We had times where we would laugh because we couldn't find the number when it was right in front of our eyes... And there were also times where we wouldn't laugh and we would take it serious.