Thursday, 19 November 2015

Paragraph 1.On Friday the 13th of November we had athletics and it was fun. I was  at Pt England School with my Classroom. When we were out on the court all the year 5 girls had to sit together for our athletic groups.
Paragraph 2:When we went to our athletic sports we started of with Shot put and we had to challenge each girl at chucking the ball because who ever got the farist chucking gets a certificate on friday but I didn’t get a far chuck.

Paragraph 3:When we had athletics I participated in Shot put,High Jump,Sprinting,and the last one was discuss discuss was my favourite and also there were other sports that my favourites too!I like sports because it helps you get fit and also it gives a lot of muscles.
Paragraph 4:When we finished all the events I was sleepy tired and also thirsty and I was glad it was finished because I felt like sleeping at school.After that we all had to go back to class and do their maths work.

When I looked at everyone at class they looked sleepy too!

About Athletics