Tuesday, 14 August 2018


More time to teach:
Our classes in NZ are struggling to cope with their teachers,
doing a lot of jobs for the school rather than teaching their students.  
From my perspective I think that teachers should spend more time to
teach their students than to write reports all day about our attitude and the
way we learn. The main focus is to actually have a full session to teach us.

Resourcing for Additional needs:
Classes in NZ are struggling to handle their rare student’s.
By rare I mean that one teacher in each class have a group
of students that have a hard time focusing on their learning,
while other student’s find it way easier.  I think that schools
need more teacher’s to help our students catch up with the
rest of the class.

Better Pay:
From my perspective I think that the money that teachers are
getting paid right now is not enough, because some teachers
have been teaching for more than ten years and their still
getting paid the same amount of money as new teachers.  
Teachers work everyday just to pay the bills and to teach
our students, but there’s other jobs like being a lawyer, you
only work for a few days but you still get paid more than teachers.

So there you have it! I hope that these paragraphs have helped you.
I hope that people start making changes for the people
that work as teachers.


  1. Hi ana, I really like your ideas in this writing. I really like the way you put detail in your work, your the best writer I know. I agree with everything you have listed down.

    From Myztique

  2. Hey Ana,
    I really agree with what you said about teachers getting more amount of money they really do deserve it.

    I wonder if these things will actually be one of the changes?