Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Education Speech

First of all I would like to say good morning to the class and also to the teachers. Today my speech is about why all education should be free. Education is very important in schools and it also plays a very important role in our lives. In some schools kids can't afford education so then different people pay for it.The more knowledge we get, we grow and learn more in our future life. Education doesn’t only mean being good and getting certificates it means more like the people that can’t afford education there probably just self taught and won’t have any friends or even a teacher to guide them through what they're learning. That’s why we need free education for people who need it most. So my question for you is Do you think that we need free education in our schools.Image result for education

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  1. Hi Ana,
    I'm Mikaela from St Pius X School and I really like your education speech because to be really honest I agree with what you have talked about and the ideas you have shared. I think that if you put more detail and organised your pig paragraph into smaller paragraphs it would be very organised. But other than that keep writing about your thoughts and maybe it'll change your life like others too.