Friday, 17 June 2016

Avengers Assemble

There once was a group called The Avengers and The Villains. Every team would always complain and say bad words about the other team. Some people would get angry from what the other team says and some people will try to fight them. Later on that day joker goes to his villain team and tells them that the avengers wanted to battle. So the villain team got angry at the avengers. The villain team got ready for the battle. So joker went over to iron man and told him to give this note to captain america. The avengers got ready to battle too! But there was still something wrong captain america wanted to have a chat with his team so they did. He asked them why they are having the battle so iron man gave him the not. On the note it said hahahaha got you I joker tricked because I just wanted to battle you guys because I know that we will beat you.

They went to the battlegrounds in the stadium and met with the villains. Joker appears out of nowhere with a great big smile. Joker said with a angry tone to his voice Nice to meet you losing team. Then a minute later the rest of the team appeared. They finally started to battle. There goes Iron man flying up to Green goblin giving him a great big punch. It sounded like KAPOW POW BOOM SMACK!
Everyone cheered for iron man saying yeah iron you got this use your powers so he grabbed out his gun and said to green goblin “say goodbye missy pie!” Green goblin looked at iron man and all he could see was three bullets flying to his face so he tries to duck but it was to late he was found lying on the ground.

The next people fight and that was hulk and venom but there was a problem hulk said no! I am not going to fight venom alone. So there goes a big scream from hulk's voice saying
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. So the whole team just jumps into the fight and all you see was dust going round and round.

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