Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Digital Nations 2030 Trip

 On Monday 19th of Feb our Year 7&8 Extension got to go to a hotel called Cordis. We had the privilege to go and find out more about coding and robotics and also technology. I was so excited to go. When we first got there we got to see Zoe. Zoe was one of our helpers for coding she taught us a lot of things about it.When we got to the room and it was filed with computers and robots. We got to go to a table and play with our tech!

The first thing I played with was a robot. We had a usb connected to the robot and the laptop. So what ever we coded we had to upload to the robot and when we were finish we had to press play. Our robots started doing our commands we set it to do. My second thing I did was coding. So it was normal coding like what we always do in extension. We got to make different sounds using fruit and chocolate. Isn't that crazy? The kit was called Makey - Makey. The last thing we went to was Code avengers. What we had to do was to try and get through 5 levels to get to the spinning wheel. On the spinning wheel was a Chocolate bar, A sticker and also a T-Shirt. I really wanted the T-shirt.

My overall experience was amazing. I learnt a lot of new things that I did't know about. The things I picked up was that you can give your computer commands. It's like telling someone/somebody to do something and they will do it. I hope that in the future we could be a coding genius. It was really fun to go to the event. Near the end of the event I won the T-shirt and I was so happy.

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  1. It is wonderful to see that you learnt a lot of new things and you enjoyed this experience. Great recount of your trip!