Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Space Technology

In extension I read an article about space technology and how it's helped us. I learnt that our satellite has helped us with a lot of things in so many different ways. it helps people travel and also go to different places. Satellites help us know whats going on around the world. So here is what I picked up when i read the article. Hope you enjoy reading.
Well I think that space technology has helped us with a lot of things such as TV’s, Telephones, Computers and many more. It even helps us with telephone calls and also it helps people find out what weather will be today and tomorrow. Some  satellites can help with Cars and also airplanes. This is why satellites are so important to us.  Space technology has helped us understand how Earth works and how we can keep it healthy.  

You probably wouldn’t know this but satellites have helped us understand what’s happening around our planet and it also shows and tells us how we can take care and protect our planet.                 Here is the link to the article

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