Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Will He Save Her

Superman is watching television and he changes the channel to the news, he hears that Joker is hanging a lady called mary jane upside down from a 50 story building. This must be a job for Superman! So Superman ripped his shirt open to reveal the most famous of S’s and changed into Superman! He went to the building as soon as he got their Joker cut the rope and so Superman flew up and catched Mary Jane so she survived and superman took her to safety and said
“I need to go and deal with this bad guy” He was on his way to go and finish of his job.

As soon as he got there he flew to the top of the building and said to joker “This is going to be over soon” Joker replied, This is not the end Super pants. Superman said do not  tease my name I am a master of all rises Joker replied and said let’s just get this over and done with superman said deal.                           
They started to battle. Helicopters were flying above their heads speaking on the microphone saying stop joker you won’t get away with this any more so Joker was focusing on the helicopters telling him to stop so Superman flew up to him and did a big great punch.

KAPOW BOOM POW there goes Joker falling of the building until superman realises that Joker is missing but the cops call him and say that they already took him to jail. So mary jane comes up to superman and says Thank You very much for saving my life and for taking him away.


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