Friday, 13 May 2016

My Immersion Assembly

KAPOW! BOOF! KABOOM! This was amazing! Because this morning we had a Immersion Assembly and we had to watch each teams movie  but my favourite movie was team 4’s because there were a lot of superheroes in the movie.
In the movie the superheroes names were Team Leader America , Bat Guy , armature superheroes and Wondering Woman.

When i watched our own movie it was awesome. I was also laughing at some parts. The part that i liked the most was when one of the armature heroes said Oh My Gosh he’s got Bobby Johns Chromebook and also when Bear Baxendine said  Yes Bobby Johns Chromebook shall do nicely. It was very funny. I was very excited because we are going to learn about comics and superheroes and we are going to draw a few superheroes.

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