Monday, 24 March 2014


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  1. Is the article fiction or non-fiction and why?
  1. What is the capital city of Haiti?
Port au Prince
  1. The Republic of Haiti is one third of an island called Hispaniola. What country is on the other two thirds of the island?
Dominican Republic
  1. Name some things that Haitian people like to eat?
Sugar cane
  1. What is grown in Haiti?
sugar cane,fruit,veges,corn
  1. Haiti faces a lot of natural disasters. What happened in 2010 that killed over 100, 000 people?
  1. Create a presentation about Haiti. Include at least 6 slides. You must have the following information:
  2. Full name of Haiti
    • Capital city of Haiti
    • Population of Haiti (number of people who live there)
    • Official languages of Haiti (there are two!)
    • Map of Haiti
    • Photos and captions of Haiti
    • Any interesting facts you find out about Haiti

  1. Upload your presentation to your blog. Write a comment on someone else’s presentation on their blog.

  1. Look at the websites for Purple Cake Day and the Kenbe La Foundation. What is Purple Cake Day about?

  1. Plan something for Purple Cake Day (Friday). What would you like to do that is PURPLE?! (Write your ideas here then email them to me).

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