Monday, 23 February 2015

The pt england way

What does W.I.T.S mean ?

WITS mean Walk away,Ignore it,Talk about it,seek help. If you use your WITS you won’t get yourself in trouble you your WITS is nearly the same as the 3 Ps Partnership,Protection,Participation.

W-Walk away If someone is giving you the bad eyes then walk away as far as you can. So the person that was giving you the bad eyes can’t see you and after that you could have a great morning tea.

I-Ignore it means if someone is saying mean\bad words to you then you Ignore that person and walk away so you can’t hear that person saying bad things

T-Talk about it means if someone was saying things about your Parents and you told them to stop saying that and they wouldn't stopso that the time you would Talk about it.

S-Seek help means if someone is being mean and you've told them to stop it and they haven't you should have a talk with a adult or a house captain.

Last of all you should use your W.I.T.S. because it will get you far in life.  

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